Dynaton Head Office

Dynaton is a Danish company and our head office is located in the Greater Copenhagen area in Denmark.


The Dynaton Head Office is only 20 minutes away from the Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup which is the main hub for global traffic in Scandinavia. The international code for Copenhagen International Airport Kastrup is CPH.

Dynaton can assist international visitors with booking of accommodation both close to our office as well as in the Danish capitol Copenhagen. Some of Copenhagen’s World famous sightseeing includes Tivoli, the Little Mermaid, the Queens Castle and many more. You can walk around the Centre of the Capitol to see most of the famous places. Classical Danish Dishes are “Smorrebrod” that is typically black bread with elaborately arranged meat, vegetables and accessories – you can also try traditional Danish Herring – and if you are not feeling up to Danish Food then Copenhagen has a wide range of International Cuisine. For more years in a row a Danish Restaurant (Noma) was nominated Wolrd’s Best Restaurant. Prices are unfortunately somewhat chocking to first time visitors but Scandinavia generally have high cost of living. This also applies to hotels but we can help you with reasonably prices hotels. If you are visiting from Asia you should be aware that the level of service is lower in Denmark than what you are accustomed to in Asia. Denmark is a very “relaxed” and “informal” country where virtually all people are more or less “equal” to their pears. Being a foreigner in Copenhagen is easy as everybody speak English – and German, French and Spanish is also fairly common.

Normally no visa is required to visit Denmark for business purposes and Denmark is part of the European Union (and the Schengen Agreement).


Visit Dynaton Head Office

All visits to Dynaton must be cleared and approved in advance. So remember to have your clearance before visiting Dynaton. This also applies for local visitors.

Dynaton Visiting Address:

Dynaton AVS

Smedeland 13

DK-2600 Glostrup


Note: Visitors are only allowed access to Dynaton upon prior clearance and approval. Follow this link to have your clearance to visit Dynaton.


Dynaton Shipping Address:

Dynaton AVS

Smedeland 13 – K5

DK-2600 Glostrup


Note: When sending parcels to Dynaton, please make sure that the receiver is clearly stated in the shipping documents.


Thank you for your kind understanding and welcome at Dynaton Head Office.


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