Dynaton History

This is a brief overview of the Dynaton History from start until today. Some of the major milestones are listed year by year.



The founders of Dynaton decided to develop DDRC (Dynaton Digital Room Correction) and this lead to the establishment of the company.

The first experiments with a relatively simple DSP Platform were done to gather experience in regard to the viability of the ideas behind DDRC.



Dynaton nominated to the final in Venture Cup. A Business Plan Competition.

The first simple DDRC demonstrator was presented to a leading globally well-known Audio/Video OEM Manufacturer – and even though the demonstration was crude it was very convincing. It was however far from Real-Time as it took the DDRC demonstrator about half an hour to process a single music track.

Dynaton was granted European Union Research Funding to develop the DDRC technology in a Real-Time version.

Dynaton had its first external Venture Capital Investments.

Dynaton moved into the offices in Central Copenhagen.

Dynaton employed the first team of DSP Developers in Copenhagen.

By end of 2004, Dynaton had developed the first fully functional Real-Time DDRC.



Dynaton entered the first OEM Customer Agreements for delivery of DDRC to High-End Audio Equipment Vendors.

A lot of time was spent on refining the DDRC technology simple by Listening To Music. A team of Experienced Audio Purists listened to every type of Music ranging from Baroque Ensembles to Death Metal. In total it took almost 3 years of refining to get to the High-Performance that characterise DDRC and RoomIE.

Dynaton developed DDRC-M, ILC, BasE, DLC and other DDRC spin-off technologies.

One of the Audio Industry’s most passionate and experienced Innovators invested in Dynaton.

Dynaton launched its first OEM activities in the USA.



A 16bit revision of DDRC was benchmarked against a well-known competing 24bit Room Correction System – and the 16bit DDRC outperformed the 24bit by far in regard to Natural Sound.

Dynaton entered the Mass-Market Consumer Electronics OEM-market in Europe.

The 24bit version of DDRC was updated to DDRC Version 2 that almost cut the required DSP raw processing power in half.

Dynaton made its first OEM cooperation for SmartPhones in Europe and Asia and reduced the processing power by 80+ percent for excellent Sound Quality with DDRC-M.

Dynaton expanded with offices in Denmark, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom and USA as well as had two Representatives in China.

The famous Copland DRC205 featuring the 24bit DDRC Version 2 engine was launched by end of 2006.

Dynaton launched Dynaton VideoVitality as a reaction on incorrect colours on Flat-panel TV’s. However, as the Flat-panel TV OEM’s themselves introduced means to better the colour quality the project has halted in 2007.

Dynaton moved to a 3x bigger facility in the Greater Copenhagen Area.



Dynaton launched its first cooperation with Automotive OEM’s for Car Stereo/Car Entertainment Systems in Europe and Asia.

The Dynaton Founders made a buy-out of external Capital Investors and increased the cooperation between the Danish and South Korean Dynaton. To reduce operating costs the Company HQ was moved into an old flat in the Greater Copenhagen Area. The Danish HQ focussed on Research & Development mainly in the DDRC domain whereas South Korea focussed on Research & Development of DDRC-M and DDRC-A (Automotive variant).

The Copland DRC205 was awarded the Golden Ear Award 2007 and has ever since been a kind of milestone statement demonstrating how good DDRC in fact is.



Dynaton developed the AudioPurity algorithm as spin-of and improvement to the original DDRC.

Dynaton Asia delivered DDRC-M Development Systems to large SmartPhone Vendors in Asia.

The Global Financial Crisis changed the economic climate for all OEM Business and hence also for Dynaton. All Research & Development activities were insourced back to Denmark. The Taiwanese and Chinese activities were halted. The South Korean company however continued with some key projects.



The Global Financial Crisis took a turn to the worse – and this further halted the evolution in the OEM Market. Dynaton activities were focussed in Denmark, Japan and United Kingdom.

The Copland DRC205 featuring the DDRC engine was awarded the Editors Choice Award 2009.

Dynaton focussed on support of the High-End Audio market and launched projects with small High-End Vendors in Europe.

The Dynaton Management made a decision to adapt the organization to the new situation formed by the Global Financial Crisis – and this effort lead to the, still today used, Dynaton Community Virtual Organization that benefits from fast reaction to market demands and more resources than ever before.



Generally spoken a sad year in Dynatron’s history. The OEM Market was still not recovered from the impact of the Global Financial Crisis and this made similar impact on Dynaton.

On the positive side the Copland DRC205 featuring the DDRC engine was once again rewarded the Editors Choice Award 2010 hereby showing that Dynaton’s engine is still the best performing.

Some minor OEM Activities with DDRC-M were launched in Europe.



The year where the Consumer Electronics Industry sort of released the “Pause-button” and New Product Implementation again started to grow.

Dynaton’s old OEM Customers started to come back to us investigating areas for new cooperation and business.

For the third time in a row, the Copland DRC205 featuring the DDRC engine was yet again rewarded the Editors Choice Award 2011.

Furthermore the Copland DRC205 was awarded the Reviewers Choice 2011 price even though the Copland was now an aging product.



Dynaton entered the mass-market OEM Consumer Electronics market again after a pause since 2009 and some of the Globally leading vendors benchmarked the Dynaton DDRC technology against all other available technologies concluding that “DDRC is Second-To-None”.

Dynaton entered the OEM Market for sound-improvement on Flat-Panel TV’s.

Dynaton entered the OEM Market for DDRC in Soundbar Applications.



Dynaton revived the long cooperation with Analog Devices who has been Dynaton’s DSP partner since 2004.

Dynaton developed the SilenziEQ technology for mass-market Consumer Electronics.

Dynaton started the process to upgrade the aging DDRC Version 2 even though this algorithm is still the leading in Sound Quality.

The Dynaton office was moved to a newly build facility in Greater Copenhagen.

Dynaton Management decided that Dynaton would investigate the possibility to launch an old dream in Dynaton that is developing, manufacturing and selling our own High-End Audio Product.

Another old Dynaton dream was relaunched end 2013 and that is the preparation of launching Dynaton Chips. Originally our idea in 2003 was to deliver DDRC as a Chip Solution but at that time it was unfortunately not a viable solution.



Dynaton established a Strategic Alliance with Manufacturing Partners in Poland in regard to the manufacturing of upcoming Dynaton High-End Audio Products.

The DDRC Version 2 was retired (however is still supported but will not be further developed) and replaced by Dynaton RoomIE.

Dynaton launched development of our own first Dynaton Consumer Product and started to establish a Distribution Network to support sales and marketing of the Dynaton High-End Audio Products.

Dynaton entered a Partnership with Xilinx in regard to development, manufacturing and sales of Dynaton Chips.

Dynaton re-entered the Automotive OEM Market.



The first thing that we did in 2015 was to move the entire company into the current office building in Glostrup (Greater Copenhagen Area) including the office, the R&D Lab, demo-room, meeting room and conference hall as Dynaton again needs to be able to serve large-scale global OEM-customers in an appropriate manor.

Significant increases in the Dynaton R&D Team has been done during the year and the increase in human resources is expected to continue at least into the next year.

Launch announcements for the Dynaton CubiQ has been made and pre-ordering is opened.

Strengthening in the second half of Dynaton OEM Sales and Dynaton Consumer Products has been done as well as cooperation with Telemarketing Companies to support the many new activities has been launched.

Announcement of the DeQo Series Products is planned for December 2015.

The new Dynaton Website is finally launched and currently being uploaded with all the content. Some functions are still in Construction but overall the new Dynaton Website is here!


The Future

There are many new things in Dynaton and we are back on the track, in fact we are better of than ever before. So keep an eye on us – and Follow Dynaton (Click on this link)…


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