Your Dynaton Benefits

No matter who you are, we guarantee that you will enjoy huge benefits from Dynaton. In this section you will be presented your benefits of having Dynaton products regardless if you are a Music and Movie Lover, an OEM or a potential partner to Dynaton.

Read on and take control with Dynaton right now…

  • I am a Music and Music Lover – show me my Dynaton benefits!
  • I am an OEM – show me my Dynaton benefits!
  • I am a potential partner – show me my Dynaton benefits!

The Benefits to a Music & Movie Lover

The simple answer is that you will benefit from dramatic improvements in your Sound Quality with Dynton SoundSolution Products as well as improved more natural Image Quality with Dynaton VideoVitality. So that alone is reason for you to join the Dynaton Community.

Your will in fact enjoy even more benefits as you will have access to an Exclusive Support Portal that will allow you to gain the highest possible performance from your Dynaton Products as well as our OEM Customer’s Equipment featuring Dynaton Technologies. Being a registered Dynaton Customer also give you access to Product Updates and Special Offers that you otherwise may not have benefited from.

Even if you are not already a Dynaton Customer, it is a big advantage to register as Dynaton Follower or Dynaton Supporter as this will give you access to Tips, Tricks and Dynaton Tools that will improve your Sound and Image Quality. It is all Free so you can only benefit from our Dynaton Community.

The Benefits to a Dynaton OEM Customer

Dynaton’s key focus in more than a decade is to give our OEM Customers access to Dynaton SoundSolution and Dynaton VideoVitality. The benefits of that are many – your company will have access to Golden Ears Award Winning Technology that we guarantee will make the sonic quality of all your OEM Products second-to-none and still open potential for new cost-savings that you did not imagine possible at the same time. So we guarantee that you can get better products at potentially lower cost giving your company a new Edge in the Fierce Global Competition no matter if your business is Audio Equipment, Video Equipment, Home or Professional, Automotive, Computers, Tablets, SmartPhones or Portable Devices. Dynaton has Technologies and Products that will make your OEM Products substantially better. This gives you more Satisfied Customers that will stay even more loyal to your Brand of OEM Products and a very nice additional benefit is that with Dynaton Technologies you can reduce both R&D Cost, Reduce Time-To-Market and gain the highest degree of Freedom in Design that you probably did not even believe possible!

Dynaton guarantee that your OEM Products will have Added Value to your Customers – and to prove this, we recommend you to sign-up as Dynaton OEM Customer right now. We will even offer Royalty-Free Dynaton Products to new Dynaton OEM Customers to prove our Point – even though the Golden Ear Award, Editors Choice Awards and Reviewers Choice Awards already speaks for themselves. However, at the very first OEM-Vendor that got the very first DDRC demonstration back in 2004 said: “Hearing is Believing”.

Join as Dynaton OEM Customer and gain access to a myriad of Benefits right now!

It is Free to Sign-Up as Dynaton OEM Customer so there is No Risk – Only Benefits for Your Company.

The Benefits to be Dynaton Partner

Just like Dynaton OEM Customers there are many ways to be Dynaton Partner. You can e.g be a Distributor or Retailer of Consumer Electronics that want to benefit from Dynaton CUBIQ and other Dynaton Consumer Products. You can be a Supplier that want to help us to provide the Best Quality Products in the market? You can be an Audio/Video Technology Developer who wants to join Dynaton to create new amazing technologies and products? You can be a Semiconductor Vendor who wants the same benefits as Analog Devices and Xilinx being in a Partnership with Dynaton? Or you can be some-one who simply would like to help us Testing Our Products and Promoting them to all Music & Movie Lovers?

There are Many Roads to Rome – and also Many Roads to be Dynaton Partner.

Find the right solution for you and sign-up to learn even more about your Dynaton Benefits!


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