Applications for Dynaton Technology

This section is mainly for OEM Manufacturers but Music & Movie Lovers as well as A/V-professionals are also welcome to learn about Dynaton Applications.

Dynaton Technology and Dynaton Products are designed and developed for usage in many different applications. To give a quick idea about where Dynaton SoundSolutions can be applied the most simple answer is in any type of product that features at least one Audio Transducer (this being a Loudspeaker or an Earphone).

Dynaton VideoVitality is for High-End Video Equipment where natural image reproduction is the ultimate goal.

To make it a little easier for you, we have made this overview enabling you direct access to some of the main Dynaton Applications.


Home Audio

Home Cinema

Television and Video Projectors

Head-Fi and Portable Audio/Video

Cars and Automotive A/V

Public Address/Musicians

Professional A/V

Recording Studios

Computers and Laptops

SmartPhones and Tablets

Take your pick and feel free to explore as many Dynaton Applications as you like. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed – in fact you will be enlightened above what you expected possible as you will learn how to design nothing less than perfect Audio/Video products – and at the same time reduce your company’s expenses both in R&D and on the production lines.


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