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When Dynaton was founded back in end of 2003 the first large Audio/Video Equipment OEM vendor that had an early demonstration in 2004 of Dynaton Digital Room Compensation (DDRC) – now known as RoomIE – said: “Hearing is Believing!”

By that they meant that actually experiencing for you yourself how much RoomIE improves the music and movie experience, is incredible and is simply something that you should experience for yourself to believe it. Everybody always concludes that they did not understand how they could enjoy music and movies without RoomIE? The improvements of RoomIE is not merely a subtle one, it is improvements that everybody can easily hear! RoomIE is not just something that a very small group of incarnated HiFi Enthusiasts just barely can hear – In fact many ordinary people without any prior experience with HiFi report that the improvement with RoomIE is dramatic and easily heard!

The science behind RoomIE of course makes it obvious that the experienced improvements are indisputable. However, one thing is the interpretation of the scientific facts – another thing is to experience for one yourself how much it actually matters in real life. To experience for the first time how excellent your Music and Movie Sound System actually performs is often a rather chocking experience. This mainly because it has been “forgotten” how much Room Acoustics Problems does in fact kill music and movies. Everybody knows that No Chain Is Stronger Than The Weakest Link – and in Sound the Weakest Link is always the Room Acoustics, regardless of how expensive your Equipment may be? Dynaton RoomIE “removes” the effects of the Room Acoustics Problems and lets you hear exactly what is in the Music and Movie Soundtracks as it was intended to be heard.

As an OEM Vendor caring about providing your customers with the best possible sound quality, you should experience how much Dynaton can improve your products and at the same time offer potential cost reductions.

Yes please, I want to provide my customers with the best possible sound quality – so please let me test Dynaton RoomIE…


Not an OEM?

If you are not an OEM manufacturer of Audio/Video Products, we are unfortunately not able to offer free testing of the Golden Ear Award Winning Dynaton Technology at present – but you will soon be able to try RoomIE for yourself when we launch our first consumer electronics product line called Dynaton CUBIQ – and you can in fact apply to become CUBIQ tester/ambassador! See more in the Dynaton Community section (or simply click here).

Dynaton CUBIQ is available to all Music and Movie Lovers in autumn 2015. To keep track with Dynaton CUBIQ follow Dynaton (simply by clicking here).


Try Dynaton Online

Everybody – no matter if you are an OEM, a Private Consumer or an Audio/Video Professional – will soon be able to test how much your products or Music/Movie System can be improved by applying Dynaton Technologies directly on the Dynaton Website.

Interested? Click here to be updated about how you can try our upcoming Online Tools for free.


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