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If you are not already familiar with Dynaton products, this is the right place to explore how you can scure that Music & Movie sound is experienced as it was truly intended. No chain is stronger than the weakest link – and no matter how expensive your A/V-PA equipment may be, the room-acoustics is the weakest link. If you have been setting up A/V-PA Systems in different venues then you know how difficult and time consuming it is to create the sound as the artists/mucisians/speakers want it to be! This means that your expensive A/V-PA products do not at all perform as well as they could – and to make your audience hear the Truthfull Sound, you should explore what Dynaton Products can do for you both at the Studio, the Theatre/Cinema and on the Road.

If you are a musician, studio engineer, a performer, cinema/theatre sound technician or other A/V-professional you will find what you are looking for in the Dynaton Professional Products section.

The Dynaton Professional Services is a new division in Dynaton that is focussed upon the Professional A/V Market such as Cinematic Theatres, Theatres, Concert Halls, Churches, Auditoriums and much more – but also on Musicians, Bands and Sound Technicians etc.

Currently the Dynaton Professional Services is in the process of performing conceptual designs so we do not have products in our division’s portfolio as of today.

Here is a short list of products in the making as you explore this site:

  • 19” Rack Mounted ProAudio RoomIE units for Sound Studios & Television
  • 19” Rack Mounted ProAudio RoomIE LIVE units for concerts, bands, theatre and churches
  • 19” Rack Mounted Cinema RoomIE for Dolby Atmos Support *

* Dolby and Atmos are trademarks and technologies owned by Dolby Laboratories Inc. All rights to Dolby and Atmos belongs to Dolby Laboratories. Dynaton has no rights to Dolby and/or Atmos technology and/or trademarks. Dynaton is only supporting decoded Dolby Atmos for additional improvement of the Sonic Quality.

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However, they are in progress so we strongly recommend that you Follow Dynaton Professional Services to be kept informed about upcoming products and services. Doing so you will also benefit from Special Offers and enjoy many other benefits.


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