The Benefits of Supporting Dynaton

Dynaton has been a frontline company ever since the establishment in 2003 being finalist in the Venture Cup business plan competition in 2004 where focusing on a Technology Licensing business model was a little avant-garde in Denmark – and when changing our Research & Development from a classical old-school structure to a Global Virtual Organization with an efficient Matrix Project Organisation in 2009, we were not only inspired by a modern way to operate but implemented the change to full extend. Now in 2015, we are again taking a giant step towards being even better aligned with our Customers requirements – because, Dynaton as a modern company has decided to include our Customers in important decisions. The best to decide e.g what features and functions, Dynaton Products should provide is our Customers. Hence we are inviting our Customers in our Design & Product Development process – and this means that you as a Dynaton Customer or Dynaton Follower can help us to create exactly the Audio/Video Products that you want us to provide to you and your fellow Music and Movie Lovers.

We invite you to support Dynaton and help us to continue to provide groundbreaking award-winning Audio/Video Products. You are the only one you truly can tell us exactly what you need – and this is the reason that we has decided that our Dynaton Consumer Products should be developed in an open environment instead of a secret laboratory.

You can support Dynaton in many ways – and this virtually no matter regardless of your background. We invite you to participate in our success in different ways and by different means. If you e.g want to influence our future Dynaton Consumer Products, you can do this in crowdfunding projects that does not take much effort on your part – here you simply help us to design our products by a few clicks on a website. If you want to get even more involved, you can become a Dynaton Ambassador that helps us testing and demonstrating new Dynaton Products and you can even join the Dynaton R&D Community where you participate in product development.

To show our appreciation for your support, Dynaton offer our supporters e.g. the following benefits:

  • Dynaton Supporters get access to sneak previews of new Dynaton Products
  • Dynaton Supporters are offered Beta-versions of new Dynaton Products
  • Dynaton Supporters can preorder new Dynaton Products at discounted prices
  • Dynaton Supporters can earn money with Dynaton and much more…

If this sounds intriguing for you, then act now and support Dynaton!

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