Dynaton Partnerships

Even though Dynaton is working with some of the World’s largest OEM Vendors, Dynaton is a small specialist company. When Dynaton was founded in 2003, we aimed to have all sorts of functions in-house but since 2009 Dynaton has instead focussed only on our core activities. This means that Dynaton is in partnership with a variety of other professionally leading companies.

A significant benefit to all Dynaton Customers of Dynaton’s philosophy of forming partnerships is increased efficiency and lower cost. This means lower prices to all Dynaton Customers but still without any loss in support or quality. Dynaton and our partners operate according to ISO-9000 compliant standards, IEC and DIN/AES/IASCA compliant norms.

Being an expanding company Dynaton is always open to consider new partnerships to mutual benefits. So if you believe that your company can offer Dynaton and our customers some valuable benefits, please feel free to contact our Sourcing Team.


Dynaton Consumer Product Distributors

With the launch of Dynaton Consumer Products, we have established partnerships with leading Audio/Video Product Distributors in different countries – and are looking forward to welcome even more new Distributors.

Being Dynaton Consumer Product Distributor has many unique advantages and if you represent a Distributor who is interested in being Dynaton Distributor contact us now for opening a dialogue.


Dynaton OEM Product Distributors

Before the Global Financial Crisis, Dynaton had offices and representatives in Denmark (HQ), United Kingdom, USA, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China. Today we are in Denmark and Japan but still have R&D activities in United Kingdom too.

Dynaton has been in constant growth the last couple of years and hence will be opening for new Dynaton OEM Product Distributors in late 2015. If you are interested in becoming Dynaton OEM Product Distributor then please contact us for more information.


Technology Partners

Dynaton is partnering with Analog Devices and Xilinx. This means that Dynaton offer our customers opportunity to benefit from both the leading products from our partners as well as the award-winning Dynaton Technologies at the same time. The partnerships are global.

Dynaton is using Analog Devices BlackFIN DSP’s as core platform for a variety of products and Xilinx Spartan 6 as core platform for Dynaton Chip Solutions.


Research & Development Partnerships

In order to secure optimum focus on Dynaton’s core competences in Digital Room Correction and related technologies, Dynaton has partnerships and alliances with other Technology Providers and R&D Consultancy Companies. This gives Dynaton customers the advantage that Dynaton may be a small company compared to our OEM Customer but we are agile and have access to virtually any relevant technology.

If you believe that your company can offer advantages to Dynaton Customers, please feel free to contact us for an open-minded dialogue.


Dynaton Manufacturing Partners

Dynaton has a strategic partnership with a group of EMS and mechatronics companies in Poland. All Dynaton Consumer Products are designed in Denmark, developed in the Dynaton R&D Community and manufactured by our Polish partners. The manufacturing is done in strict compliance to ISO-9000 principles, IEC610, RoHS/WEEE and REACH to secure environmentally friendly, safe and reliable products.


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