The Benefits of being Dynaton Customer

Become Dynaton Customer today! There are several advantages from being a registered Dynaton Customer no matter if you are a Music and Movie Lover, an A/V Professional or an OEM-Customer.

Here are a few of the benefits:

  •  It is free to register as Dynaton Customer *
  • You will have access to Special Offers
  • You get access to non-published in-depth information
  • You enjoy access to Dynaton Customer Service
  • You will have access to Free Dynaton Products
  • You can apply for an OEM License


* If you are a Music and Movie Lover who currently do not have Dynaton Consumer Products to register, please go to the Dynaton Community pages to register in the Support Dynaton or in the Follow Dynaton section instead. A/V Professionals and OEM Vendors register directly on the below link.

Yes, I want to have all the benefits – take me directly to the Customer Registration (Click Here)


Before I register, I would like to know a little more about the benefits of being a Dynaton Customer? Then please read on in the section that best describe who you are…


Benefits for Music and Movie Lovers

All owners of one or more Dynaton Consumer Products should consider to register as Dynaton Customer. If not for other reason then definitely to have access to Dynaton Service who is ready to assist you to help bringing out the very best from our Music and Movie System.

Registered Dynaton Customers have access to Product Updates and we highly recommend that all owners of Dynaton Products always maintain their products in order to enjoy the ultimate performance. Let me register now!

If you do not own a Dynaton Consumer Product at present but would like to have the benefits of Dynaton Customers then go to the Dynaton Community and register to Support Dynaton and/or Follow Dynaton.


Benefits for A/V Professionals

Owners of Dynaton Products in the Dynaton Professional Services category enjoys the same benefits as private consumers and OEM Customers when registering as Dynaton Customers. We highly recommend to register as Dynaton Customer in order to have access updates and support. Let me register now!


Benefits for OEM Customers

Being a registered Dynaton Customer brings significant added value to any OEM Customer – even in such case where your company may perhaps not use Dynaton Technology. First of all OEM Customers is granted free access to in-depth information about Dynaton Technology and Dynaton Products that is not publicly available – and just as important being a registered Dynaton Customer allow OEM’s to apply for a Dynaton License Agreement that gives access to license Dynaton Technology and to buy Dynaton OEM Products. It is free to register! Register Now!


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