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If you want to learn more about the Dynaton Community, this is the place to be. Here you find information about to Become Dynaton Customer, can explore about our Partnerships as well as how to Follow Dynaton and how to Support Dynaton?

Tip: If you are a private Music and Movie Lover – jump directly to Become Dynaton Customer, Follow Dynaton and Support Dynaton.

Become Dynaton Customer

Dynaton’s foremost important role is to support our customers with the best solution that matches exactly your requirements. As Dynaton acknowledges that no potential customers is identical but have different requirements, Dynaton offers individual support within 3 main customer segments.

Private Consumers

If you are a private Music and Movie Lover who want to experience best possible Sound Quality Experience, then you should sign up for free as Dynaton Private Customer. This is a “Must” for every owner of a product featuring Dynaton Technologies as this will enable you to access Dynaton Support, product updates and a wide range of beneficial Special Offers.

You do not need to be current owner of a product featuring Dynaton Technology so if you simple would like to benefit from Special Offers from Dynaton, this is the way to go!

Special Offer to all Music and Movie Lovers: Early Birds Offers for Dynaton CUBIQ – See more right here…

OEM Customers

If you are visiting the Dynaton website on behalf of an Audio/Video Equipment OEM Vendor, then you should definitely sign-up as OEM Customer. This enables access to more in-depth information about Dynaton Technologies and Dynaton Products – and more importantly our support in regard to how Dynaton can improve the sonic performance of your company’s products as well as offer you new potential cost-reductions.

Join Dynaton as OEM Customer here…

Special Offer to new OEM Customers: Get royalty-free Dynaton DDRC technology in up to 3 years! Learn more after sign-up here…

Note: The royalty-free Special Offer requires a Dynaton License Agreement and special terms applies.

Dynaton Professional Services

Is a new Dynaton branch opening during the summer of 2015 with focus on Professional A/V such as e.g Cinema, Theatres, Concert Halls etc where Dynaton offers solutions to Room Acoustics Problems hereby securing the best possible sonic quality in any kind of environment.

Sign-up to become Dynaton Professional Services Customer here…

Dynaton Partnerships

This is the section for you if you want to know more about our Partnerships – but also the place to explore if you want to become Dynaton Partner?

We enter Partnerships with Technology Partners, Suppliers, Distributors/Retailers and R&D Partners.

Dynaton Technology Partners

Dynaton has a global partnership with Analog Devices and offers common solutions based on Analog Devices DSP devices with Dynaton Products embedded. Read more about our partnership with Analog Devices here…

Dynaton has a global partnership with Xilinx and offers common Chip solutions with Dynaton Technologies embedded. Read more about our partnership with Xilinx here…

Dynaton Suppliers

If you want to become supplier to Dynaton, then please click here for more information.

Dynaton Distributors/Retailers

If you want to become Dynaton Distributor or Dynaton Retailer, then please click here for more information.

Note: Dynaton is seeking Distributors for Dynaton CUBIQ products right now!

Note: Dynaton is seeking OEM Sales Partners right now!

Dynaton R&D Partners

Dynaton is always interested in expanding our R&D capabilities – and as we are very busy with many R&D projects, we are currently open to form new R&D Partnerships. Contact us to examine the possibility to start a mutually beneficial cooperation – click here…

Support Dynaton

Dynaton can only fulfil our mission if we are listening to our customer’s requirements and wishes. So you can support Dynaton to become even better to develop and supply the products that you believe that we should offer by supporting Dynaton.

You can support Dynaton as being a Dynaton CUBIQ tester and ambassador – Learn more here… or you can have a direct influence upon the features/functions that should be included in Dynaton CUBIQ products by clicking here…

Follow Dynaton

If you are a Music and Movie Lover who wants the best possible sound quality and is interested in being awarded Special Offers, then you should Follow Dynaton by clicking here…

If you are an employee at an OEM then follow us right here so your company will always be able to offer your customers second-to-none sonic quality as well as new potential cost-reductions…


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