Dynaton OEM Solutions

The Dynaton OEM Solutions was introduced in 2003 and was the first commercial activity in Dynaton. It was even earlier than the introduction of the first Dynaton OEM Products and is still today the “Avantgarde” of Dynaton as this is where some of the new Dynaton OEM Products are originally developed.

Dynaton OEM Solutions can easily and simply be described as Dynaton’s business for “customization” of current Dynaton Technologies and new Dynaton Technologies. Most projects are Strictly Confidential to any third party but we can reveal (without violating the Customer Confidense that is essential for Dynaton’s business) that we have made Dynaton OEM Solutions to High-End Audio, Consumer A/V, Automotive, Active Loudspeakers, Mobile Phones and Computers. So Dynaton is by no mean unfamiliar to performing “customization”.

Dynaton OEM Solutions Case Story

A publicly known Dynaton OEM Solution is our involvement in the Golden Ear Award 2007 winning Copland DRC-205 Room Correction Unit from Ultra High-End Audio specialist vendor Copland. In this case Dynaton did deliver a customized revision of DDRC (The Digital Room Correction) engine and the whole Dynaton DSS Module. The DDRC engine was licensed to Copland and the Dynaton DSS Module that was used in the Copland DRC-205 was delivered by Dynaton too.

The Dynaton DSS Module used in Copland DRC-205 is the Dynaton DRC-101 Module – and the software engine is the High-End DDRC 2 Digital Engine.

The cooperation with Copland is definitely one of the things that Dynaton has been proud about and also has acknowledged as probably the single most important business venture in Dynaton’s history as this was what really broad Dynaton and DDRC in focus amongst leading A/V OEM’s on a global scale. We cannot overstate the importance that the Copland DRC-205 project had for Dynaton as this was also one of our first OEM projects and it was awarded the prestigious Golden Ear Award 2007, Editors Choice 2009, Editors Choice 2010 and Editors Choice 2011 as well as Reviewer Choice 2011 Awards.

The project is proof of Dynaton’s capabilities in providing Second-To-None technologies and OEM Products as well as a proof that we can and will assist your company to bring out truly outstanding products of the highest possible performance and Sound Quality.

Dynaton OEM Solutions can hence be customized software, customized hardware or combined customized soft- and hardware. Said in simple words it means that Dynaton can offer your company partial development of your products or even full development of your company’s products.

There are virtually no limits to what can be done with Dynaton OEM Solutions as we can “tailor-make” the functions or products that you need and combine them in numerous ways. The only real barrier for Dynaton OEM Solutions is your imagination!

Dynaton OEM Solutions can include any Dynaton Technologies – even Dynaton OEM Products that may not be included in your Dynaton License. However, in such case special terms applies to the commercial cooperation of such projects but what is important to know is that with Dynaton OEM Products there are virtually no limits to what can be done for your Company.

Dynaton OEM Solutions is a very beneficial solution for most Dynaton OEM Customers, big or small, due to the unsurpassed flexibility and the fact that your own company can (and should) focus on your core competences and let Dynaton solve the tasks that are within Dynaton’s core competences. With Dynaton OEM Solutions we can easily adapt the Dynaton Technologies to match exactly what your customer’s will appriciate.

In Dynaton OEM Solutions one of the big advantages is that you can avoid spending money and resources to introduce new technology but instead sleep calmly in the night knowing that you are working with a well-proven Technology Provider in Dynaton. You do not win a Golden Ear Award in an OEM Product if you cannot “do something very right” and at Dynaton what we can do “right” is technology related to – or spin-off from – DDRC.

In a typical Dynaton OEM Solutions business-case, we recommend using the following process in order to provide your company with the most cost-effective implementation process: Before launching the Implementation Project it is highly recommended to perform a Feasibility Project as the first step. The Feasibility Project is focused upon creating a demonstration of your requested solution but instead of spending long time and much money on actual development of the “final product” the required solution is made as a “quick and dirty” solution comprising of existing Dynaton OEM Products to verify that the outcome will be as expected. Another important part of the Feasibility Study is to estimate the Implementation Project duration, scope, man-power and cost. When satisfied with the Feasibility Project then we usually recommend launching a Pilot Project where the agreed solution is implemented best possible – but still without spending huge resources – and the main purpose is to secure that the agreed solution can in fact be realized in real-life. After that has been done, the Implementation Project can be done and due to the Feasibility Project and the Pilot Project the risk and the cost of the “real” Implementation Project becomes lowest possible. As Dynaton OEM Customer you can always count on Dynaton has the highest focus upon reducing both cost and risk in all projects. For our customers this is an advantage but indeed it is also an advantage to us ourselves as a small specialist company, we do not want to spend excessive resources on projects that jeopardize our ability to serve all of our customers best possible at any time.

Contact Dynaton OEM Sales to discuss your ideas and let Dynaton provide you with an offer. You will be surprised to learn that it does not cost as much as you probably think it does…


The Small Prints

Dynaton OEM Solutions are only available to registered Dynaton OEM Customers with minimum a Dynaton Basic License. Commercial terms and prices/royalties are calculated upon a case-by-case condition.

Dynaton Implementation Projects are mandatory for all Dynaton OEM Solutions that requires Dynaton to spend R&D resources upon providing the agreed OEM Product/Solution (but Feasibility Study and Pilot Projects are not mandatory – however, highly recommended to reduce both cost and risk).


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