Dynaton DSS Software Solutions

Dynaton Software Solutions is the oldest OEM products from Dynaton. The idea is simply that you as Dynaton OEM Customer license the right to use, implement and sell Dynaton Software Solutions with your Audio/Video Products. You do not own the software but pays a royalty per unit that you implement in your manufactured products.

Dynaton Software Solutions are available for virtually any Dynaton Technology that can be implemented as software. The first Dynaton Software Solution was the Golden Ear Award Winning DDRC engine and since that a lot of variant and other Dynaton Technologies has been launched.

There are virtually no limits to what can be done with Dynaton Software Solutions as we can “tailor-make” the Audio/Video improvement algorithms that you need and combine them in numerous ways. The only real barrier for Dynaton Software Solutions is your hardware – or more specifically your Signal Processing Device as there will be a limit for the processors calculation power and memory but apart from that only your imagination sets the boundary.

Dynaton Software Solutions can be licensed as “standard OEM product” but due to the magnitude of different processors and very different requirements from Dynaton OEM Customer to Dynaton OEM Customer, the most common is that Dynaton Software Solutions are “customized OEM products”.

This means that the implementation process is normally often little longer than for e.g. Dynaton Chip Solutions or Dynaton DSP Solutions – and the work is also more complex. Hence the implementation cost is usually higher for Dynaton Software Solutions. However, this is balanced by the fact that you can use your preferred Processor/CPU/DSP and – depending on your own use of the Processor – hereby save the cost of Dynaton Chips, Dynaton DSP’s or Dynaton Modules. So even though the implementation cost is usually higher, the Total Cost can be the lowest – depending on how you use and load your Processor/CPU/DSP.

The Flexibility is of course unsurpassed – and you can combine Dynaton Software Solutions as you please with only your Processor/CPU/DSP as being the limit. All Dynaton Software Solutions originate from Analog Devices BlackFIN BF533 code as this has been our default development platform since 2004 but some Dynaton algorithm has been developed on a generic PC platform.

Note: All future Dynaton Technologies are developed on the Analog Devices BlackFIN DSP Core2 BlackFIN BF707 that replaces the now older Analog Devices BlackFIN BF533 as default DSP platform.

Maybe your company prefer to use Texas Instruments, Freescale (formerly Motorola), ARM/Cortex or any other processing platform, Dynaton offers your company an opportunity to license Dynaton Software Solutions and to perform the porting project on your behalf.

Note: You may be allowed to perform parts of the porting project yourself but this only applies to Dynaton OEM Customers with a Dynaton Extended Plus License.

Dynaton Software Solutions are recommended for any application ranging from Mobile Phones, Portable Devices over Consumer Electronics A/V electronics to cars and computers.

It is a good solution for most applications due to the unsurpassed flexibility. With Dynaton Software Solutions we can easily adapt the Dynaton Technologies to match exactly what your customer’s need.

Normally the disadvantage of a Software Solution is that the Research & Development requires complex engineering and significant Research & Development. This is however not the case for Dynaton Software Solutions because Dynaton has developed a range of “standard algorithms” that can be used in any type of OEM Application with only very little development effort of Dynaton OEM Customers – as long as the Dynaton recommended implementation process is followed. In case you should need something that is not already available or you need something specific to your application then Dynaton can modify and adapt our software to match your requirements.

In Dynaton Software Solutions one of the big advantages is that you use your own preferred Processor/CPU/DSP and hereby you do not necessarily need to introduce new electronic components to your Approved Vendor List as well as you can continue to benefit upon your company’s existing Purchasing Agreements with your component suppliers.

What you have to realize is that the implementation process however is longer and normally also more expensive due to the Dynaton Software Solution must be “tailored” both to your preferred Processor/CPU/DSP and your requirements as well as your Processor/CPU/DSP’s limitations.

The process that Dynaton recommends is the following in order to provide your company with the most cost-effective implementation process: Before launching the Implementation Project it is highly recommended to perform a Feasibility Project as the first step. The Feasibility Project is focused upon creating a demonstration of your requested solution but instead of spending long time and much money on actual development of the “final product” the required solution is made as a “quick and dirty” solution comprising of existing Dynaton OEM Products to verify that the outcome will be as expected. Another important part of the Feasibility Study is to estimate the Implementation Project duration, scope, man-power and cost. When satisfied with the Feasibility Project then we usually recommend launching a Pilot Project where the agreed solution is implemented best possible – but still without spending huge resources – and the main purpose is to secure that the agreed solution can in fact be realized in real-life and within the limitations of the Processor/CPU/DSP etc. After that has been done, the Implementation Project can be done and due to the Feasibility Project and the Pilot Project the risk and the cost of the “real” Implementation Project becomes lowest possible. As Dynaton OEM Customer you can always count on Dynaton has the highest focus upon reducing both cost and risk in all projects. For our customers this is an advantage but indeed it is also an advantage to us ourselves as a small specialist company, we do not want to spend excessive resources on projects that jeopardize our ability to serve all of our customers best possible at any time.

Dynaton DSP Solutions are recommended for minimum mid-volume to high-volume applications as the implementation costs are higher than for other Dynaton OEM Products. This generally means that the annual volume should be higher to balance the Total Cost – however, Dynaton Software Solutions also offer an opportunity to have the lowest possible manufacturing costs of your products featuring Dynaton Technology. That said Dynaton Software Solutions can also be an advantage when you want something “special” and then it may make perfect sense even for lower annual manufacturing volumes. The Golden Ear Award Winning DDRC started as a Dynaton Software Solution – and the same applies to e.g. Dynaton Autotracking for DDRC, Dynaton SilenziEQ and Dynaton AudioPurity that all are groundbreaking Dynaton OEM Products that has more than just an edge more than anything else.

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Dynaton DSS Software Solutions

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The Small Prints

Dynaton Software Solutions are only available to registered Dynaton OEM Customers with minimum a Dynaton Standard Plus License. There are no MOQ (Minimum Ordering Quantities) for Dynaton Software Solutions. Dynaton Implementation Projects are mandatory for all Dynaton Software Solutions (but Feasibility Study and Pilot Projects are not mandatory – however, highly recommended to reduce both cost and risk).

Dynaton OEM Customers with a Dynaton Extended Plus License can be allowed to participate in parts of the Dynaton Implementation Project to save cost.


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