Dynaton DSS DSP Solutions

Dynaton is partnering with Analog Devices and in cooperation we offer Dynaton OEM Customers an easy “Single-chip” implementation of Dynaton Technology into your company’s products.

Dynaton DSP Solutions represents a very simple straightforward way to design your products with Dynaton Technology. You do virtually not need to be concerned about Software Porting or Software Development because the implementation of e.g. a superb implementation of a Dynaton RoomIE is as simple as just mounting a semiconductor in your products audio signal path.

Dynaton DSS DSP Solutions are highly recommended as “Single-chip” implementation of e.g. Dynaton RoomIE in a variety of products such as e.g. Mid-Fi Audio, High-End Audio, Stereo Amplifiers/Preamplifiers, Car Stereo, Active Loudspeakers or High-Performance Home Cinema.

It is furthermore a perfect ideal solution for Professional Audio such as PA Systems, Studio Equipment and Installation due to the unsurpassed flexibility. With Dynaton DSS DSP Solutions we can easily adapt the Dynaton Technologies to match exactly what your customer’s need.

Normally the disadvantage of a DSP Solution is that the Research & Development requires complex engineering and significant software development. This is however not the case for Dynaton DSP Solutions because Dynaton has developed a range of “standard algorithms” that can be used in any type of OEM Application with only very little development effort of Dynaton OEM Customers. In case you should need something that is not already available or you need something specific to your application then Dynaton can modify and adapt our software to match your requirements with the Dynaton DSP Solutions.

In Dynaton DSP Solutions one of the big advantages is that e.g. an entire Dynaton RoomIE system can virtually be delivered as a “Single-chip” solution. This means that the Dynaton DSP Solution has both the Room Acoustics Analysis part and a Real-Time Playback System on the same chip. This results in a Simple, Flexible, Low Cost and High-Performance solution.

However, due to the flexibility of Dynaton DSP Solutions, we can also offer solutions that are closer to a “2-chip” solution similar to our Dynaton Chip Solutions. In some applications it can be a more cost-effective solution to split the Room Acoustics Analysis and the Real-Time Playback System on two or more DSP’s. This is e.g. often the case in High-End Home Cinema TrueHD or professional Atmos where the number of audio channels is higher.

It can also be an advantage in some Low-End Audio/Video where Dynaton SmartEQ or Dynaton CavIAR is used instead of Dynaton RoomIE to lower the systems cost. In many of such cases only the Real-Time Playback System is required and that means that a less costly DSP chip can be used.

The Dynaton DSP Solution can be used in every conceivable application – even in analog electronics as Dynaton DSP Solutions can be delivered with on-chip CODEC. Dynaton DSP Solution can be implemented in every equipment/products that have a normal Mains Voltage Power Supply but can even be implemented in battery-operated equipment/products (however, the selection of applicable DSP chips is lower for battery-operation).

The Dynaton DSP Solutions are implemented in the Analog Devices manufactured Digital Signal Processors as default. All Dynaton Technologies are developed on the Analog Devices BlackFIN BF533 core as default – but please note that Dynaton is currently changing our default to Analog Devices BlackFIN Core2 technology due to improved cost-performance for Audio in the new updated BlackFIN DSP-core. Dynaton offer to port our Dynaton Technologies from Analog Devices BlackFIN BF533 to other Analog Devices DSP’s such as e.g. BF592 for high-volume very low-cost, BF526C for analog stereo applications and the new BlackFIN BF700-series.

Note that some Analog Devices BlackFIN devices are offered in variants such as e.g BF533 also exists as lower cost BF532/BF531 (with less memory), BF526C have a bigger brother BF527C with more processing power and the new BF700 comes in several versions. Selecting the optimum Analog Devices DSP will help you to achieve the best cost-performance benefits and Dynaton OEM Sales will assist you with advises in cooperation with Analog Devices.

Porting to other DSP’s such as Texas Instruments, Freescale and others is of course also possible but please note that the lowest cost porting is on Analog Devices DSP’s. Please also note that porting to other DSP/Processor platforms is categorized as Dynaton Software Solutions – so if you are looking to use Dynaton Technologies on other platforms than Analog Devices BlackFIN, please visit the Dynaton Software Solutions pages.

Dynaton DSP Solutions are recommended for low to mid-volume applications as this generally is a more cost-effective implementation of Dynaton Technology than e.g. our DSS Modules and normally is also significantly lower implementation costs than DSS Software Solutions – but the Dynaton DSP Solution is also recommended for high-volume applications where e.g. Analog Devices BlackFIN BF592 is very competitive.

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The Small Prints

Dynaton DSP Solutions are only available to registered Dynaton OEM Customers with minimum a Dynaton Basic Plus License. MOQ (Minimum Ordering Quantities) applies.


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