Dynaton DSS Chip Solutions

Dynaton is partnering with Xilinx and in cooperation we offer Dynaton OEM Customers a cost-effective High-Performance solution for easy implementation of Dynaton Technology into your company’s products.

Dynaton Chip Solutions is one of the simplest ways to design your products with Dynaton Technology. You do virtually not need to be concerned about Software Porting or Software Development because the implementation of e.g. a superb implementation of a Dynaton RoomIE Playback System is as simple as just mounting a semiconductor in your products Digital Audio signal path.

Dynaton Chip Solutions are highly recommended as the most cost-effective implementation of e.g. Dynaton RoomIE, Dynaton Room-M8 and Dynaton CavIAR in a variety of products such as e.g. Flatpanel Televisions, Cars or High-Performance Consumer Electronics.

It is furthermore an ideal solution for High-End Stereo and High-End Home Cinema because the Sound Quality, resolution and support of Dynaton’s Golden Ear Award Winning technology is unsurpassed simply because the Dynaton Chip Solution has “hardware-implemented” RoomIE/DDRC Playback Systems. Hardware-implementation is always more efficient than software-implementation. Take e.g. a Video Graphics Controller it works far faster in a Chip Solution than it does on a Software Implementation. The same principle applies to Dynaton Technologies as they offer higher performance when implemented in Dynaton Chip Solutions.

Normally the disadvantage of a Chip Solution is that the Research & Development takes longer time and costs more than a Software Solution. This is however not the case for Dynaton Chip Solutions because Dynaton has developed a range of “standard chips” that can be used in any type of OEM Application with only very little development effort of Dynaton OEM Customers.

The reason that the performance is higher on Dynaton Chip Solutions than any other solution is that the Xilinx manufactured chips have several parallel DSP-cores executing the complex processing of e.g. Dynaton RoomIE playback. A dedicated chip with papallel DSP-cores offers the highest possible density in processing power and hence a Dynaton Chip can support more audio channels, higher sample-frequencies, higher precision etc at lower manufacturing costs.

In Dynaton Chip Solutions the focus is upon securing maximum performance of the Real-Time Playback at very low cost as the primary objective. This means that e.g. the Dynaton RoomIE Technology is split between a Room Acoustics Analysis part and a very fast Real-Time Playback System. This results in a Flexible, Very Low Cost and Ultra High-Performance as no high-speed systems resources are used for the Room Acoustics Analysis that does not require the same Real-Time signal-processing as does the Playback. This means that the Room Acoustics Analysis can be executed in a low-cost Microcontroller instead of using a high-speed chip for that purpose – and the extremely fast Real-Time RoomIE Playback is done in the low-cost Dynaton Chip Solution. Even though this approach results in something closer to a “2-chip” solution it is in fact more cost-effective than a kind of “Single-chip” solution. In many applications it even makes the overall manufacturing costs less because you probably already have a Microcontroller in your product?

The Dynaton Chip Solution can be used in every conceivable application as long as it is not battery-operated. The extreme high-speed of the Dynaton Chip Solutions would drain the battery too fast so we recommend using Dynaton Chip Solution in equipment/products that have a normal Mains Voltage Power Supply.

The Dynaton Chip Solutions are implemented in the Xilinx manufactured semiconductors in a CSG-225 package and all the Dynaton Chip Solutions are pin-compatible. This means that you can both upgrade the performance of a system by changing the Xilinx manufactured semiconductor as well as you can achieve some cost-reduction in your production by scaling down the Xilinx manufactured semiconductor where applicable.

Dynaton Chip Solutions are recommended for medium to high-volume applications as they are the most cost-effective implementation of Dynaton Technology – but the Dynaton Chip Solution is also recommended for High-End Stereo and Home Cinema products where only the highest possible performance is good enough.

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The Small Prints

Dynaton Chip Solutions are only available to registered Dynaton OEM Customers with minimum a Dynaton Standard License. MOQ (Minimum Ordering Quantities) applies.

Dynaton IP Chip Solutions requires a Dynaton Extended Plus License.


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