Dynaton DSS Evoboard

We have experience from working with e.g. High-End Audio Electronics OEM’s, Loudspeaker OEM’s, Car Manufacturers, PA Equipment OEM’s, Consumer A/V Electronics OEM’s, Computer OEM’s and even SmartPhone OEM’s – so we have proven experience in every field within the A/V OEM Industry.

Apart from developing the first DDRC (Dynaton Digital Room Correction) algorithm the first product we launched to Dynaton OEM Customers was a DDRC Evaluation Board. The purpose of an Evaluation Board is to enable A/V R&D Engineers to develop products featuring Dynaton Technology and with the Evaluation Board this is made easier as you can then “emulate” having implemented Dynaton Technology into your own products.

Below we present our current selection of Dynaton DSS Evoboards.

Dynaton DDRC Evoboard

The DDRC Evoboard features the Golden Ear Award Winning Dynaton Digital Room Correction engine on a flexible system with hardware support for 2 x Analog Inputs and up to 8 x Analog Outputs. The DDRC Evoboard features High-Performance Audio OP-AMP’s for excellent Sound Quality. Furthermore it has a small Audio Power Amplifier * for your convenience.

* Maximum Output Power depends on the external Power Supply Unit.

The original DDRC Evoboard has been the “Workhorse” in Dynaton since it was launched in 2005 and is based around another “Workhorse” in Dynaton: The Analog Devices BlackFin BF533. The software is designed to support 44.1kHz/48kHz sample-rate and up to 24 bits. For higher sample-rates see the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Evoboard instead.

The DDRC Evoboard is controlled via an USB connection to a standard PC and all settings are done via a Dynaton GUI Program (running on the Microsoft Windows Operating System).

In order to avoid any incompatibility to different Main Voltage Plug standards, the DDRC Evoboard uses an external standard Power Adaptor to supply the board. It can basically use any standard 12VDC wall adaptor to supply the board.

Order your Dynaton DDRC Evoboard here (Click to follow the link)…

Dynaton DSS RoomIE Evoboard

The DSS RoomIE Evoboard features the latest revision of the RoomIE algorithm that is an improved version of the original Golden Ear Award Winning DDRC engine and uses more cost-effective components than did the original DDRC Evoboard.

One of the first things we changed was the analogue interface. On the DSS RoomIE Evoboard we have listened to our OEM Customers request to have typical commercial components used instead of “special” components as done on the original DDRC Evoboard. This means that the OP-AMP’s on the DSS RoomIE Evoboard are Industry Standard NE5534 and we reduced the number of analogue outputs to 2x (instead of 8x) as the most requested configuration is 2 x Analog Input and 2 x Analog Outputs.

In case you may need other or more input/output channels this can be done by adding Digital I/O Add-On Boards. Depending on the Software Package (and I/O configuration) the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Evoboard can support up to 8 audio channels including support for (decoded) Dolby TrueHD. However, for most applications and design processes the standard 48kHz Stereo 2.0 DSS RoomIE Evoboard is sufficient and more than capable of doing its job.

The Sound Quality is by no means less than the original DDRC Evobard because the RoomIE engine has better performance than the old Golden Ear Award Winning DDRC engine – and this makes the use of less sophisticated components without any impact upon the Sound Quality performance.

The DSS Evoboard can also support higher sample-rates (up to 192kHz/24 bit) upon demand. Otherwise the overall principle is still the same as the original DDRC Evoboard – just in an updated and more cost-effective revision. This means that the Power Supply still is an external 12DVC Mains Adaptor – but as we have removed the onboard Power Amplifier * that was on the DDRC Evoboard, the current consumption of the DSS Evoboard is less and hence the 12VDC Mains Power Adaptor can be even simpler.

* The onboard DDRC Evoboard Power Amplifier was removed on the DSS RoomIE Evoboard as this function has not been appriciated by many OEM-Customers and Dynaton listen to our customer’s demands and wishes.

The DSS RoomIE Evoboard is controlled via an USB connection to a standard PC and all settings are done via a Dynaton GUI Program (running on the Microsoft Windows Operating System).

To provide mechanical stability, the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Evoboard is mounted in a metal bracket whereas the DDRC Evoboard is a bare PCBA.

Order your Dynaton DDRC Evoboard here (Click to follow the link)…

The Small Prints

Dynaton Evoboards can only be purchased by registered Dynaton OEM Customers with minimum a Dynaton Basic License.

Dynaton Evobards are not available for private customers.


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