Dynaton DSS Demoboard

We have experience from working with e.g. High-End Audio Electronics OEM’s, Loudspeaker OEM’s, Car Manufacturers, PA Equipment OEM’s, Consumer A/V Electronics OEM’s, Computer OEM’s and even SmartPhone OEM’s – so we have proved experience in every field within the A/V OEM Industry.

One of the first things, we learned is that especially large OEM’s have many stakeholders – and this means that there is a demand for a simple way to make a fully functional emulation of how much better your company’s Audio Products will be when you implement Dynaton SoundSolutions.


Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard

This demand lead us to make the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard. It is a fully functional RoomIE (Dynaton Digital Room Correction) system on a single Printed Circuit Board that only requires connection of an external 12VDC Power Supply and you simply connects the Analog Stereo Audio Signal to the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard, control the entire system via a Windows PC (via USB) and you are immediately able to emulate that your products have Dynaton RoomIE technology implemented.

When we started Dynaton, we were convinced that our OEM Customer’s would request a digital interface – but in real life most Dynaton OEM Customers prefer to have Analog Input/Output as this allows for “quick-and-dirty” testing of how much better your Audio Products become with Dynaton RoomIE. You do not need to do any development – no soldering – no need for writing any software… Just connect the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard and you are ready to experience your Audio Products reaching a whole new much higher standard in Sound Quality. In fact the CODEC conversion from Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog has no real influence in real life – and that is because that even though you in principle will loose something in the conversion then your wins surpass the loss by far – and this is because the CODEC conversion is a +0.5dB/-0.5dB problem whereas the Dynaton RoomIE gives you a solution to a +15dB/-35dB problem.

Test everything you like with the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard

Due to the simplicity of the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard, you can test and experience virtually anything that you desire: Hear how your company’s loudspeakers becomes complete immune to position and room, enjoy how much better your Flat Panel TV will sound with Dynaton technology, be amazed over your company’s Automotive Entertainment System (Car Stero), make your Computer Loudspeakers sound like a High-End Audio System, have any Stereo or Home Cinema System sound better than products selling at 5x-10x higher prices…

You can do it all in minutes with the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demobord.

The only limitations are that the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard is Stereo only – but you can still use it to demonstrate almost unbelievable Sound Quality improvements in Surround Sound Systems and Public Address (PA) Systems as the limitations are almost forgotten when you hear how good your Audio Products can become if you implement Dynaton RoomIE technology.


Available to Dynaton OEM Customers

Another nice-to-know thing about the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard is that it can be purchased without a Dynaton License. You must however still be registered Dynaton OEM Customer before you can purchase the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard. Remember that it is completely free to sign-up as Dynaton OEM Customer and that you are not obliged to buy any Dynaton OEM Products. If you are not already a registered Dynaton OEM Customer then sign-up here (Click to go to the Sign-Up Page)…

The Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard is the only Dynaton OEM Product that can be bought without a Dynaton License – but please note that you must always comply to applicable Dynaton OEM Customer rules.

Special Offer: Get the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard for Free

If you order your Dynaton License within 90 days after delivery of your Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard, we will refund 100% of the price of the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard.

This Special Offer cannot be combined with other discounts, rebates or offers.

Order your Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard now (Click here)…


A little Technical Information

The Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard supports 2.0 channel Stereo via Analog RCA/Cinch inputs and Analog RCA/Cinch outputs. Even though Dynaton supports higher Audio Signal Samplerates the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard is limited to 48kHz/24-bit.

Analog input and output buffers are build around the industry standard NE5532 audio OP-AMP. This choice is made in order to secure that all of the dramatic Sound Quality improvements that solely the result of using Dynaton RoomIE technology and nothing else.

The Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard can be controlled directly on the Printed Circuit Board or via USB connection by a Windows PC.

The Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard only requires an external 12VDC (Single Supply) Power Supply for function.

To provide mechanical stability, the Dynaton DSS RoomIE Demoboard is mounted in a metal bracket.

Normal ESD precautions apply both for handling, shipping and use.


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