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It is a wellknown fact that No Chain is Stronger than The Weakest Link – but even amongst experienced Audio Engineers and A/V Market Specialists it is a little known fact that it is in fact not the Audio Electronics or the Loudspeakers that are The Weakest Link in modern consumer electronics. The Weakest Link is by far the room in which the Audio System is placed!

If we take a look at the errors from perfection in Audio Electronics it is easily achievable to design your products to less than 1dB deviation – and this takes no hard effort nor does it cost much. Your loudspeakers have more errors and are much more difficult to design to perfection – deviations from perfection is usually in the +3dB/-3dB range to some +4dB/-8dB (as the minimum specification to comply with the DIN 45.500 Hi-Fi Norm) but compared to the imperfections stemming from a living-room even the errors of loudspeakers are the least of your concerns.

The room itself accounts for errors in the +15dB/-35dB range or even worse – and then it honestly does not really matter much that your company’s Product Development design the best products. This is because the room errors will “destroy” all your efforts due to the room acoustics negative impact. Bottom-line is that your effort and investments in building perfect Audio Products are “wasted” by your customer’s rooms. Hands on Heart – what good is it that your Audio Products have say less than 0.5dB errors in the electronics and you have perfect loudspeakers with +3dB/-3dB errors when your customer’s room change the bottom-line result to errors in the +15dB/-35dB range or even worse. In the very rare best case, your Audio Products will sound “Okay” in one room but in 10 other rooms your customer’s experience that they did not really get what they expected in terms of Sound Quality from your Audio Products – and the truly bad thing is that the “poor” customer satisfaction is not because your Audio Products are “poor” in any way. Your Audio Products are normally precisely as good as they are designed/manufactured to be – The evil of all things is that your company cannot control your customer’s room acoustics…

Or rather you can with the Golden Ear Award Winning Dynaton Digital Room Correction technology implemented into your Audio Products!

Firstly – and most importantly – your customers will experience Truthful Sound with no more than (typically) +1dB/-1dB errors through the entire Audio Chain from music/movie source to your customer’s ears inside the customer’s room. Please note that the error from perfection is less than physically possible from even the best Audio System Chains. This is because the Golden Ear Award Winning Dynaton Digital Room Correction products also correct errors in the Audio Electronics and in the loudspeakers.

Secondly Dynaton has proven – even in Blind Testing – that “cheap” Audio Products can outperform much more expensive Audio Products when the “cheap” ones have the Golden Ear Award Winning Dynaton Digital Room Correction technology implemented (and the expensive have not. Of course when you then apply Dynaton Digital Room Correction then the expensive Audio Products becomes far better again and much better than ever heard before). This means that implementing Dynaton Digital Room Correction can in fact result in lower Total Product Cost but still give your company’s Audio Products a Second-To-None superb Sound Quality.

Thirdly – if you have not yet understood that the Golden Ear Award Winning Dynaton Digital Room Correction technology is a Must-Have in your Audio Products to give your customer’s the very best User Experience in the market, a Sound Quality that otherwise is simply impossible to achieve and an option to reduce your Total Products Cost – then you will be pleased to learn that Dynaton has made an important decision…

Free Dynaton Digital Room Correction to all Dynaton OEM Customers in up to 3 years!!!

Yes, Dynaton has decided that our OEM Customers can have completely royalty-free use of DDRC in up to 3 years (only limited by maximum volume according to your Dynaton License as it is mandatory to have minimum a Dynaton Basic License to use Dynaton OEM Products).

The reason that we have decided to offer royalty-free DDRC is that we are upgrading our products to the more efficient RoomIE (the successor to DDRC) but this does not make DDRC obsolete. High-End DDRC OEM-products were still winning the Editors Choice and Reviewers Choice even after the OEM-products no longer was in production. This – combined with the Golden Ear Award – tells story about an exceptionally groundbreaking technology. So instead of just phasing out DDRC, we though it is much better to let your company’s customers enjoy perfect Truthful Sound without any royalty-payment in up to 3 years.

I am convinced – my company would like to offer perfection in Sound Quality to our customers based on Dynaton’s royalty-free DDRC offer (Click here to apply)…

I want to know more so please have Dynaton OEM Sales contacting me in regard to royalty-free DDRC (Click here to be contacted)…


The Small Prints

The royalty-free DDRC offer is valid to all Dynaton OEM Customers with minimum a Dynaton Basic License. The offer is only available to Dynaton OEM Customers.

The royalty-free period is up to 3 years – however there is a maximum applicable volume limit on the offer. The maximum volume depends on your Dynaton License. The maximum applicable volume increases with Dynaton License. The royalty-free DDRC offer is limited to a maximum of different applications per Dynaton OEM Customer depending on your Dynaton License. The royalty-free DDRC offer applies to specific Dynaton OEM Products.


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