Dynaton OEM Products (Information)

If you are an employee by any kind of Audio/Video OEM manufacturer, Computer OEM, Automotive OEM or other OEM that would like to change your OEM products into the ultimately best performing A/V products anywhere – then you should investigate Dynaton OEM Products where you find information about Dynaton Chips, Dynaton OEM Modules, Dynaton Licensed Technology and much more that will both significantly improve the audible performance of your OEM products and – at the same time – reduce the cost. Leading A/V OEM Vendors trust Dynaton as a valued Technology Provider.

If you are not already familiar with Dynaton products, this is the right place to explore how you make your company’s A/V Products sound as the Music & Movie Sound was truly intended. No chain is stronger than the weakest link – and no matter how expensive and well developed your products may be, your customers will not experience the inherent qualities in your products as the room is always the weakest link. This means that your expensive audio products do not at all perform as well as they could – and to make you hear the Truthfull Sound, you should explore what Dynaton Products can do for your company’s products. You will be surprised to learn that you can in fact achieve Total Cost Reduction when you implement Dynaton’s Golden Award Winning technology in your products to your customers benefit and pleasure.

In this section you will find general information about Dynaton OEM Products.

Dynaton OEM Products are intended for e.g the following customers:

  • Consumer Electronics Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Home Audio Products Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Home Video Products Manufacturers/Vendors
  • High-End Audio Manufacturers/Vendors
  • High-End Video Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Professional Audio Product Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Professional Video Products Manufacturers/Vendors
  • PA Products Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Active Loudspeaker Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Active Subwoofer Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Loudspeaker and Subwoofer Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Television Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Automotive Car Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Car Stereo Product Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Car Entertainment Electronics Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Portable Stereo Products Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Head-Fi Products Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Computer and Laptop Manufacturers/Vendors
  • Computer Loudspeaker Accessory Manufacturers/Vendors
  • SmartPhone and Tablet Manufacturers/Vendors
  • And many more…

Explore Dynaton OEM Products 

Dynaton is a SoundSolution Technology Provider who offers OEM Customers a wide range of products that will suit virtually any application featuring at least one loudspeaker (or ear-phone). We offer Dynaton SoundSolution Modules, Dynaton Chip Solutions, Dynaton Software Solutions and even customized OEM products. Go directly to the OEM Products by clicking on the links…

All Dynaton SoundSolution OEM Products are cost-effective and will enable any Dynaton OEM Customer to provide far better Sonic Quality than any other similar product. An OEM Product featuring e.g. Dynaton RoomIE technology will outperform even far more expensive products as the Dynaton RoomIE technology fixes the truly weakest link in any chain hereby resulting in far, far better Sonic Quality – and that can even be achieved when performing Cost Reductions that are normally not possible. So explore the Dynaton OEM Products if you want to offer your customers second-to-none Sonic Quality without having to spend large sums of money of R&D or manufacturing costs.

That said it is also important to say that regardless if you are in mass-market Audio Products or in ultra High-End Audio, your products will be far better with Dynaton SoundSolutions implemented.

Do not wait any longer – Go explore the Dynaton OEM Products right now and sign-up to become Dynaton OEM Customer. It is free to sign-up and you will have access to much more information when you are a registered Dynaton OEM Customer.

Royalty-Free Dynaton SoundSolution Products for OEM’s 

Speaking about free benefits, Dynaton offer all new Dynaton OEM Customers a royalty-free license to the Dynaton DDRC SoundSolution that won the Copland DRC 205 the prestigious Golden Ear Award and consecutive Editors Choice and Reviewers Choice Awards even to the day when the Copland DRC 205 was no longer being manufactured. Take advantage of this royalty-free special offer today and significantly improve the Sonic Quality of your Audio/Video OEM Products.

Note: The royalty-free license applies to DDRC – the former edition of Dynaton RoomIE – only and the offer is limited to specific products and does not include Dynaton Implementation Services (only the royalty-free license to the DDRC technology itself). Contact Dynaton OEM Products Sales for more information. See more about the royalty-free offer on Dynaton DDRC Products by following this link…

Note: Dynaton OEM Products are only available to Dynaton OEM Customers with a valid Dynaton License Agreement. Dynaton OEM Products are not available to consumers. For Dynaton Consumer Products follow this link…


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