Dynaton  Devotion to Sound + Image

Dynaton is a global leader in Sound + Image technology. Our mission is to improve your Sound System beyond what you believed possible!

Join us today and learn how Dynaton can improve your Sound System regardless of Brand, Quality or Price.

Dynaton OEM Business

Dynaton has been a Technology Provider to Audio/Video Equipment Vendors (OEM) for more than a decade. The Award-Winning RoomIE (formerly known as DDRC) has proven to be second-to-none in bringing the best audio experience from any Sound System – regardless of Brand, Quality or Price. Furthermore our Technologies will bring OEM´s cost reductions that virtually none would have expected due to Dynaton’s innovative approach upon creating the best possible Sound Quality.

Dynaton has global partnerships with leading Semiconductor Vendors like Analog Devices and Xilinx.

To learn more about Dynaton OEM Business, visit the Explore Dynaton section and look for the [OEM] mark to find information specifically for OEM’s.

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Dynaton Consumer Products

For the first time ever, Dynaton is preparing to launch a ground-breaking series of new Products for the Home Audio and Home Cinema market.

The first product line is the Dynaton CUBIQ that will bring previously unseen Sound Quality, Modern Design and Modest Price to all Music and Movie lovers. Apart from being developed upon the latest updated revision of the Award-Winning DDRC technology, the Dynaton CUBIQ is the most flexible Audio Products ever seen in close to a 100 years. You decide yourself how your Sound System should be configured so it is 100% tailor-made to suit your Unique requirements.

To learn more about Dynaton Consumer Products, visit the Explore Dynaton setion where you find information about Dynaton Products for Music and Movie Lovers.

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Dynaton Professional Services

Another New Business in the Dynaton organization is the Dynaton Professional Services branch that during 2016 will start to support the Professional Audio/Video Market with services and Products.

Just as all other Dynaton activities, the focus is upon creating the best possible Sound Experience no matter whether Dynaton Technology is Applied to existing ProAudio Installations or entirely new ones.

Dynaton Professional Services offer assistance to Sound Enforcement Systems, ProAudio Systems, Cinema/Theatre, A/V and even the Building Industry together with carefully selected partners and distributors.

To learn more about Dynaton Products and Dynaton Technology visit the Explore Dynaton section and look for the [DPS] mark to find information specifically for Dynaton Professional Services.

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Dynaton is trusted by leading Audio/Video Equipment Manufacturers around the World.


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